The Yimin Festival is a big event for the 15 villages in Hsinchu and Taoyuan Counties, and is an annual activity Hakka people look forward to because it not only demonstrates the simple, honest, passionate, and hospitable features that characterize the Hakka people, but it also passes down the spirit and noble ideas of the Hakka people to the next generation. As for the Yimin God, the God of Hakka beliefs, by carrying out and sustaining its spirit of nobility, it becomes the pillar of Hakka culture. It focuses on Baojhong, and villages of the 15 districts take turns leading the ceremony. They transcend the government’s administrative divisions. Two villages, whether in the same or different districts, will work together to lead the ceremony. The 15 districts include Liujia (六家), Xiashan (下山), JiuQiong Lin (九芎林), Dayi (大隘), Fangliao (枋寮), Hsinpu (新埔), Wu Fen Pu (五分埔), ShiGuang (石光), Pinglin (坪林), Guanxi (關西), 大茅埔 (Da Mao Bu), 湖口 (Huko), 溪南 (Xinan) in Hsinchu County, Hsinwu (新屋), Yangmei (楊梅), and Quanyin (觀音) in Taoyuan.Such wide coverage is truly rare.