* Hakka Festival Digital Model Exhibiton

Venue: The Institute of Hsinchu County History, Hsinchu County Affairs Bureau

Time: August 20–September30

The Yimin Festival, a very important event at the Hakka cultural festival, is held every year to show gratitude to YiminYe. In recent years, due to continual promotional efforts, more people at home and abroad and in the media, understand the history of this festival. This year, the Hakka Festival Digital Model Exhibition was specially planned using models to make a realistic record of the Yimin Festival. The exhibition uses the latest 3D modeling and 3D printing technology to present the history and culture of the Yimin Festival and its traditional ceremonies in two models with ratios of 1:25 and 1:15, making the Yimin Festival’s heritage mission more meaningful. The themes of the exhibitions include “Return of YiminYe”, “Volunteers Taking The Lead”, “Fengfan”, “The God Pig Contest”, “Erecting Lantern Poles”, “Da Shi Ye”, “Painting the God Pig”, and “Yimin Stories,” etc. Those events will lead us through the Yimin Festival like a timeline to understand Yimin history, the cultural connotations of the festival, the stories of the 15 villages taking turns hosting the festival, and we will experience the spirit and values of Yimin beliefs.

* 2017 Creative Painted God Pigs Installation Exhibition

Time: August 20–September30

The Creative Painted God Pigs Installation Exhibition is held in Culture Plaza to promote the unique Yimin cultural atmosphere. A series of installation art with the theme of painted god pigs will lead us to experience a special Yimin culture. Even more interesting is that a four-meter-high painted god pig will be placed at the entrance of the exhibition to serve as the ambassador of this Yimin cultural festival. Remember to stop and take photos with it! Let us follow in the footsteps of god pigs to enjoy this exhibition!

* A five-Meter-High God Pig

The art work is done in a particularly fun, environmentally friendly, and creative way by commissioned artists to use the totems of the combined images of Hsinchu and the Yimin Festival as a prologue to unleashing the culture’s fullness. The big, colorful god pig standing at the entrance has become a new landmark of Yimin Festival.

* Xinpu’s Riding Fun

(Source: Xinpu Township Office of Hsinchu County, http:mmweb.tw)