* The Local Industries in Hsinpu

In terms of industrial development, agriculture is Hsinpu Township’s primary industry and is well-known for its pears – mainly Hsinpu pears – and persimmons. Hsinpu has hilly terrain and a dry and rainless climate and winds between September and December, which is the suitable climate for making persimmon cakes. All in all, the persimmon cakes made in Hsinpu Township are so chewy and delicious that they are known far and wide. As a result, the development of agriculture until now is still the most important industry in Hsinpu. The factories for manufacturing founded in the 60s are the main secondary industry in Hsinpu. Moreover, due to the popularity of the Leisure &Tourism Industry, the development of tertiary industries has been stimulated, including retail trade and food services and Leisure and Tourism Farms. Recently, Hsinpu put effort into the development of quality agri-tourism, gradually turning villages into agri-tourism destinations that will equally stress both local cultural-oriented eco-protection and the development of tourism in the future.